The Brick & Spoon™ concept was built upon the success stories of New Orleans style casual breakfast/brunch dining and coffee house venues. Brick & Spoon™ provides accessible and affordable high quality food, beverages, and entertainment to the residents and tourists located in your designated market area. Once your franchise is up and running, Brick & Spoon™ will quickly establish itself as a “destination” of choice to the many residents of the area, as well as numerous out-of-town visitors.

We pride ourselves on being a Southern-based and inspired restaurant! We wanted a name that was unique to us, but also pointed to our heritage that we are so very proud to have influence our lives. The brick refers to the rustic southern setting that is so dear to our hearts and has helped to shape and mold our lives and our food. The spoon refers to the utensil most commonly associated with breakfast and brunch. We are bringing a new, unique, and incredibly delicious menu to the table! As the owners and founders of Brick & Spoon™, we are proud to be born and raised in South Louisiana and we are using this opportunity to spread our culinary traditions as well as our hospitality!

A Destination for Casual Breakfast,

Brunch, Dining, and Coffee

Southern Brick Lovers Rejoice!

Finally, and quite significantly, Brick & Spoon™ will provide a much- needed neighborhood-based breakfast/brunch food operation that is currently scarcely available to residents and visitors alike. Not only is it projected that the business will generate great sales margins, but Brick & Spoon™ will also supply the community with a number of new jobs.

Community Involvement



Eggspressions of North America LLC

202 South Montauban Dr. 

Lafayette, LA 70507




By The Numbers*

$165K- 270K

$1.2 Mill-1.9 Mill

Net Profits Range

From Operations

Average Annual

Gross Sales Range

20% - 26%

Average Food

Costs Range